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Do I require a dedicated IP address?

A recent cPanel update has introduced SNI (Server Name Indication) which allows us to offer SSL certificates on the shared IP address of the server.
Previously it was required to have a dedicated IP address for each SSL certificate being installed.

There are a few browsers that do not support SNI, if any of your visitors use the following you would still require a dedicated IP address:

Android 2.x (default browser), Internet Explorer on Windows XP and versions of Java before 1.7 on any operating system.

How do I get a dedicated IP address

Dedicated IP addresses incur additional monthly fees, if your site requires a dedicated IP we would need to schedule the DNS update.

This could cause some downtime on your site while the update propagates throughout the network. It can be scheduled for after hours, or on a weekend, when your site is the least busy.
This update usually takes 4 - 8 hours, but may take as long as 24 hours.

Is it a once off purchase?

SSL certificates are valid for 12 months. Once the SSL certificate has expired it must be re-issued, there is unfortunately no way to renew SSL certificates. It would be similar to ordering a new SSL certificate, only quicker as all the details remain the same.
Please contact sales if you would like to order multi-year SSL certificates.

How many SSL certificates can I use on a cPanel account?

We can only provision a single SSL certificate per cPanel account.
If you would like to secure multiple sites, each domain would need to be hosted on its own cPanel account. This is only relevant if you are current hosting multiple domains as add-on domains (Unlimited Plus or Pro packages)

How do I secure mulitple sub-domains?

We can offer SSL certificates on an unlimited amount of sub-domains (eg and
This requires a Wildcard SSL certificate
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